Foam Based Suppression

Foams provide the most effective means to extinguish and secure flammable liquid fires. Tank farms, aircraft hangars and flammable liquid processing plants are protected with foam systems. Foam is produced by mixing a fixed amount of foam concentrate with water and then aerating it with discharge device.

  • High expansion foam systems have a high expansion ratio of up to 1000 : 1. This forms a three dimensional mass of foam that quickly and efficiently engulfs any equipment or material on fire. This is especially effective in dousing aircraft fire quickly and without causing much water damage.

  • Low expansion foam system is used in case of oil spill fires. This is effective in dyke areas and maintenance hangars where there are chances of an oil spill. It works by forming a layer on the surface of the flammable liquid. Special foam for alcohol based fires is also available.

  • Foam chambers are used on fuel storage tanks for discharging foam. Foam solution is fed through pipes to the foam chambers mounted on the mouth of the tank. These foam chambers aerate the foam and discharge it on the fuel forming a layer of foam on the burning fluid cutting off the supply of oxygen and extinguishing the fire.