Hospital Critical Care Unit

Critical care units in a hospital are special in a lot of ways. The patients admitted in these critical care units are usually terminally ill. The patients are highly susceptible to catching foreign bacterial and diseases that may be present in the area. Also, they may be carrying life threatening bacteria or virus that needs to be contained in the room and needs to be eradicated before another patient is moved in the room. We provide complete solution for critical care units.

Some special services provided by us in critical care units are:

  • Medical pendants with overhead support offer maximum flexibility to the doctor and leave the floor area clear for proper cleaning and movement of appliances.

  • Epoxy flooring does not have any joints or crevices and is an ideal solution for critical care units since it leaves no space or crack where the bacteria or any other disease spreading agents can accumulate.

  • Portable UV Sterilizers are used to kill any biological carrier that may be present in the room. These sterilizers are portable and can be carried from room to room for sterilization of the area as may be required

  • Stainless steel false ceiling with special provision to stop any dirt or contaminant from entering the critical care unit from above.