Tube Based Panel Fire Suppression

This system is specially designed to effectively extinguish electrical panel fires with minimum or no damage to the equipment. The system uses gas based agents for extinguishing fires. It has been designed for applications where the electrical equipment is inside an enclosure. He system uses minimum agent for maximum effect.

The heat sensitive tubing runs along/around the electrical equipment and cabling. The tube is pre charged with the agent under pressure. It is connected to the cylinder at one end and a pressure gauge or end of line adaptor at the other end. In case of a fire, the temperature near the fire increases. The tube has been manufactured to burst at a specified temperature (1100C). When the tube bursts, the agent is discharged through this opening directly near the seat of the fireextinguishing the fire. This discharge causes loss of pressure in the cylinder which triggers a pressure switch. This pressure switch is connected to an alerting device which can be visual, audio or audio visual. This alerts the occupants of a fire and indicates that the agent has been discharged. The signal can also be used to trigger other devices by means of dry contacts.

After discharge, the system can be quickly recommissioned by replacing the tubing and refilling the cylinder.