Does your company believe that a fire protection system in your building is beneficial as well as critical for business continuity and wants re protection systems which are effective as well as reliable?

Then, you need to look beyond the minimum mandatory requirements and have a system which would work effectively to protect your asset in case of fire.

We at Alaknanda work professionally and methodically to cover the entire process from assessments, consultation, designing, implementing, testing and training and provide best possible re protection solutions for your building.

Our Process Flow Chart..

First Stage

Client Requirement

Our process starts after the client realises that a professional approach to fire protection systems is beneficial and critical for business continuity.

Once engaged by client Alaknanda Systems undertakes fire risk assessment of the infrastructure, the layout and the type of storage to provide comprehensive fire protection plan.

Second Stage

Fire Risk Assessment

Third Stage

System Design

Next the team of fire protection experts at Alaknanda, meticulously plan, design and select the most suitable system.

The designed system is reviewed considering budgetary compulsions of the client to ensure that there is a cognitive fire risk planning rather than a default one.

Fourth Stage

Client Review

Fifth Stage

Order & Procurement

Once order is finalised, the equipment is procured from some of the most accomplished manufacturers of fire protection equipment in the world.

Our execution team which can fully realize the plan according to the structural drawings and is trained in implementation procedures is put into action.

Sixth Stage


Seventh Stage


At Alaknanda we insist on a comprehensive test before final hand over to ensure that each and every component of the system works to perfection.

Finally at Alaknanda Systems, we undertake training of standard operating procedure to the client's staff.

Eighth Stage


Do you want to know what fire protection systems are required in your building as per National Building Code Of India (NBC)